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Factoring Classic

Time and money are both crucial in making your ideas for your business a reality. Factoring Classic gives you the time and money to achieve both.

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Factoring to enhance Cashflow

Are you looking to grow, about to launch new projects or planning investments? Times like these are exactly when a reliable source of cashflow is enormously important. Have you ever thought about factoring for such occasions?

You issue the invoices; we’ll take care of the rest

Factoring Classic is for all those who need cashflow and want to concentrate entirely on their actual work. Things like developing ideas, expanding the business and taking care of customers, rather than wasting time on collections, writing letters and taking care of the debtor invoices.


We make it possible. With Factoring Classic, we take on your collections.


You can make decisions about the process at any time, but you don’t need to give any thought to time and money.

How factoring works

1. We work together to determine the amount of pre-financing you need for your invoices and set it down in a master agreement.
2. You transfer all accounts receivable and invoices to us.
3. The desired amount will be paid out to you within 24 hours. 
4. We will take on receivables management for you, including credit checks, invoice pre-financing, dunning and assumption of the risk of default following a positive credit check.

Is this what you need?

Not sure whether factoring is right for you? Find out with our factoring test.


Do you often receive your money late?

Do you invest a lot of time and energy in chasing for payments?

Would you sometimes like to have more financial leeway?

Could you negotiate better discounts if you had more liquidity?

Would you like to offer your customers more attractive payment terms?



Factoring is the perfect solution for you. Find out more about how what we have to offer could make your company’s services even better.




You don’t need any improvements to your cash flow. Feel free to take a look at our other solutions and products.



Our factoring products

All three factoring products are pretty impressive. But what makes them different? Our comparison makes it clear.

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Factoring Classic

Factoring Flex

Factoring Choice

Assumption of complete accounts receivable management
Pre-financing for specific invoices
Pre-financing of selected accounts receivable
Credit checks for entire customer bases
Credit checks for selected accounts receivable

Choose experience

We are trusted by a wide range of entrepreneurs from small and medium-sized enterprises. One reason for that is that we are an SME ourselves. That has meant that over the decades, we have been able to build up partnerships of equals.

Flexibility for SMEs

We focus on small and medium-sized enterprises in particular. We know that speed and flexibility are crucial for you. That way, you have enough space for ideas. That is exactly what you get with our factoring products.

Submit invoices online

Give factoring a try. It’s a quick process and there’s no commitment involved. With the GRENKE Cashflow Optimiser, you don’t even have to leave your desk.

Factoring with the GRENKE Cashflow Optimiser

Take the opportunity to give factoring with GRENKE a try – even if you just want to submit one invoice. It’s easy to submit your request and upload your receivable using our online tool. Give it a try – with no contractual commitment.

All-inclusive factoring

Transferring receivables offers many benefits. With Factoring Classic, you can enjoy them all.


You will receive payment within 24 hours.


Accounting, communicating with customers, reminding – we can do it all.


Once a credit check comes back positive, we’ll assume the default risk.


You can concentrate entirely on your core business.

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