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Factoring Flex

In business there is a lot you can plan for, however there will always be the unexpected, with Factoring Flex you can prepare for that, financing that puts you in charge.

You manage your cashflow

Agile working is high on your agenda. Having a reliable source of cashflow allows you to react quickly to unexpected scenarios. Flexible factoring gives you that ability.

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As flexible as you are

Whether you want to finance a long-standing project or need to respond at short notice to seasonal bottlenecks – you will be prepared for both scenarios with Factoring Flex.


It all depends on your requirements: Either you specify a desired amount that you require us to pay to you. Our system will then select the invoices automatically. Or you simply select the invoices yourself. The choice is yours.

How Factoring Flex works

1. You determine a payment amount or decide which invoices to include.
2. You transfer all accounts receivable and invoices to us.
3. The desired amount will be paid out to you within 24 hours.
4. We will take on receivables management for you, including credit checks, invoice pre-financing, reminding and assumption of the risk of default following a positive credit check.

The factoring test

All entrepreneurs have different approaches when it comes to liquidity. Take our test to see whether factoring is right for you.


Do you often receive your money late?

Do you invest a lot of time and energy in chasing for payments?

Would you sometimes like to have more financial leeway?

Could you negotiate better discounts if you had more liquidity?

Would you like to offer your customers more attractive payment terms?



Factoring is the perfect solution for you. Find out more about how what we have to offer could make your company’s services even better.




You don’t need any improvements to your cash flow. Feel free to take a look at our other solutions and products.



Our factoring products

Flexible factoring does just what it says and keeps you flexible. But what can our other factoring products do for you? Our comparison makes it clear.

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Factoring Classic

Factoring Flex

Factoring Choice

Assumption of complete accounts receivable management
Pre-financing for specific invoices
Pre-financing of selected accounts receivable
Credit checks for entire customer bases
Credit checks for selected accounts receivable

Trust our experience

We know how entrepreneurs work. Our factoring lends you a helping hand – and has been doing for decades.

Factoring – just the way you need it

Companies’ confidence in us is no coincidence. As a medium-sized company, we know just what is needed to guarantee success: speed and flexibility. Our factoring solutions – featuring efficient systems that we have developed ourselves – offer you precisely that.

Just give it a try – you can do it online and there’s no commitment involved

Are you not entirely convinced yet? Then why not get an impression first-hand – give factoring a try with the GRENKE Cashflow Optimiser. It’s easy and there’s no commitment involved.

The GRENKE Cashflow Optimiser

Our online tool makes it really easy for you: upload a receivable and sign the purchase agreement digitally. Once we’ve checked your request and a positive decision has been made, we’ll pay your money within 24 hours. Are you curious? Try it out without any commitment whatsoever.

More than just flexible

Just as the name says, Factoring Flex allows you to stay flexible. But that’s not the only advantage.

Easy to plan

Tailor your liquidity to your current requirements.


You will receive payment within 24 hours.


Once a credit check comes back positive, we’ll assume the default risk.


You know which costs you will incur and when – at all times.

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