Invoice Finance is a solution that can support SMEs in becoming more efficient, more focuses and help improve their cash flow

Brokers are needed more than ever as businesses recover from one of the most turbulent economy times in history. Businesses will not want to wait on lengthy payment terms and leave essential cash flow tied up on their ledger. Invoice finance could be an ideal option, and brokers can help companies find the best solution for their current cash flow status and business.  

"This is an uncertain time, both politically and economically, and this means that businesses are seeking out financing options to not only support their current position, but support a likely lengthy recovery. Brokers can add real value for clients as they have knowledge of the market and access to a range of finance options." - Armand Roux, Invoice Finance Sales Director

Our Broker Partners rely on GRENKE to be an extension of their service. From first introduction to first payment we ensure clients are guided through the process and support as quickly and as comfortably as possible. We build strong relationships with our Brokers, and they trust in us to support their clients needs, with an open door policy to discuss any funding requirements.

Our Fee Structure is simple, by taking our Factoring Test, clients can find the right product for them and Brokers can break the news on how little invoice Finance will cost.

GRENKE have the 'best in class' customer support with one-to-one Account Managers getting to know each client, their cash flow needs and business strategy, supporting their business through the good, the bad and the ugly.

"I turn to GRENKE to help support my clients with their cash flow requirements. Having a lender that looks after my clients, takes time to understand their requirements and come up with a bespoke solution is key to driving relationships and seeing my clients grow. Their invoice finance offering releases cash tied up in unpaid invoices and allows businesses to take on additional work in the knowledge that the cash will be available to them. With their simple fee structure, and human approach, I never hesitate to recommend their services."


Unlocking the benefits of invoice finance for your clients

Arguably the biggest benefit of all is related to cash flow and available capital, more funds available for the day-to-day operation of businesses, which could prove particularly crucial in the months ahead.

Couple of other key benefits include:

  • No additional fees for facility startup, renewal or audit – transparent pricing
  • Dedicated account manager and collections team to support relationship
  • Up to 90% advance of invoice value within 24 hours.


GRENKE remain a preferred partner of many brokers in the UK. Our solutions continue to be the best choice to support businesses keep the cash flow moving. For more information on how we are good for your business and clients visit our Introducer Pack, everything for Brokers in one place. 

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