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Placing key workers quickly without having to wait for payment from the new employer. Financing solutions for specialist healthcare recruiters can support resourcing our healthcare system with the best. Could cash flow concerns be delaying recruiters in securing those invaluable positions?

GRENKE is helping recruiters meet the demands of our healthcare workforce. Recruitment in this critical field is complex, with market demand far outpacing supply and limitations in compensation and simply time. Meanwhile, agencies are placed under financial strain waiting for fee payments for both permanent and temporary placements. Healthcare recruitment remains a hard-fought and increasingly demanding sector.

By providing essential cash flow, GRENKE ensures large and small agencies have the financial leeway to focus on their mission; placing the right people, quickly and effectively. GRENKE have a varied product range to suit any recruitment business, at any stage of cash flow issues. Over the last decade, GRENKE has worked with clients across a range of recruitment sectors and have accumulated best practice, helping solve issues of delayed payment, account management and credit limit reductions.

"To do what nobody else will do, in a wat that nobody else can do, in spite of all we go through, that is what it is to be a nurse."

// Rawsi Williams

The time is now

Demand for healthcare professionals remains at an all-time high. With an increasing geriatric population, a shortage of experienced healthcare providers (limited by Brexit) is likely to see the healthcare staffing market grow by 5.4% by 2025. With agencies focusing on building relationships and generating a robust candidate pipeline, cash flow pressures add to the mounting pressures.
GRENKE is built to support the healthcare recruitment industry with cash flow solutions. Our invoice finance solutions could see 90% of fee invoices paid within 24 hours, and our receivables team secured payment with a professional, transparent service. Leaving cash flow concerns in the past, healthcare recruitments can focus on the procedure at hand, securing talent for our healthcare system. Looking for a helping hand on cash flow?

Fully funded

Ensuring your business can continue to make those key placements with the constant worry of outstanding payments, sound familiar? Let us ease those financial burdens: factoring.

Optimally financed

Having cash flow for your operation is a major advantage in working to your maximum during this demanding time. We have just the right solution for your business: asset finance.


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