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When invoices are paid the day they are issued, your must be with GRENKE Factoring. We will take the strain off you when it comes to collections, and make sure that you can still easily plan your cash flow.

Our factoring business area

GC Factoring Ltd is happy to help you improving your cashflow. As a company in the SME sector not affiliated with any bank, we specialise in the purchase of invoices.

The Ideal Payment Timeframe: 24 Hours

Are your customers’ long payment periods constraining your finances? There’s a simple solution to that: GRENKE factoring. 

Simply transfer any outstanding invoices to us. You’ll receive your payment quickly, and we’ll take care of the collection process from your customers. Naturally, our team members will exercise the utmost care in the interests of your relationships with customers. 

Whether you want us to handle all your debtors or just a selected few, we can provide a very effective service.

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Looking for a service unique to your business needs? Read more about the options available at GRENKE.

Visit our FAQs to find out just how transparent and simple factoring is with GRENKE.

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Flexible factoring or finance for your latest technology requirements? You can find out all about our products here.

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