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Sell More with GRENKE

Options create opportunity. Leasing offers your customer payment options, opening the door to more sales and benefits for your business. 

Expanding businesses need access to the latest equipment. By enabling business owners to lease, rather than buy equipment, they have the financial flexibility to access technology at exactly the moment they need it - your technology. 

Our equipment finance plays a pivotal role in supporting sales. Allowing sales teams to adapt and respond to their customers financial position and offer a more rounded service. 

The Benefits of Leasing

To Sales

Sell more with equipment finance. Offer upgrades, avoid discounting and the price pinch when trying to close the sale. Leasing protects the value of your equipment and service. 

To Your Company

Our Branch Teams become an extension of your sales operation, offering full training, speed of invoice payment and working closely with your business to offer a wholly tailored experience. 

Objections, Handled

When your customer asks...

What discount can you give me?

Savvy customers will of course always request a discount to gain the best price for their equipment choice. By amending the duration of the lease, a sales person can tailor the rental payments to an amount that is suitable to your customers finances. 

When will I own the equipment?

Why? Surely the benefits come from using the equipment, not owning it. 80% of UK businesses lease key equipment, so it is just a matter of explaining the benefits of leasing to your customer. 

Why is it so expensive?

The customer wants the equipment but needs validation that they are getting the best price. How about breaking down the total cost to a daily rate? Equipment worth £1,500 can often work at around £1.80 per day, a cost compared to a morning coffee. 

Upgrading made simple

Bring forward a refresh

You have identified a customer due for an upgrade, why not show them how upgrading early to the latest technology can be done for a minimal cost increase? Using their upgrade figure and current rental payments, calculate the new rental breakdown to present to the customer, alongside the new equipment and opportunity on offer. 

Beyond Finance

Delivering meaningful differences for our partners is what drives our team.

Your local resource

We invest heavily in local relationships and have an unrivalled understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing companies across different regions and industries. Our accessibility and regionalised network of branches offers a support network like no other leasing option in the UK. 

Our Customer Care

How GRENKE support your customers

GRENKE make leasing simple, because it is. The key is transparency and access to support. Our Customer Care pages guide customers through the entire leasing journey, our Customer Portal offers access to all their documents and our Customer Care. Our team are always a call or email away. 

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Working with GRENKE

Information and education is the key to the best Leasing experience. At GRENKE, we provide all our partners and comprehensive Toolkit to ensure sales teams have everything they need to make finance and Leasing accessible to their customers.

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