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Explore our library of eGuides offering How-To information on all areas of Leasing and Finance. 

eGuide to Leasing

A guide designed with the salesperson in mind. An explanation of all aspects of the GRENKE finance solution and how it will help businesses achieve more sales.


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eGuide to People and Business

This eGuide has been designed with you, the business owner, in mind. Guidance on how people management can help make positive steps within business and ultimately, help achieve more sales.


// to request the eGuide to People and Business, you can email [email protected]

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Oct 2023

A small business owner is counting money with calculator, looking into the business' budgets and finances.

Report: how leasing can transform your productivity and profitability

The UK economy has been through a difficult period. High inflation, a cost-of-living crisis and a staggered bounce back from Covid-19 have all played a part in slowing economic recovery. But as we ...


Oct 2023

Two Minutes with Louise Smith

Could you walk us through a typical day in your new role at GRENKE? So far, it’s been a learning curve! I’ve been doing lots of networking events recently, but typically, I would be sourcing new bu...

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