‘Every move must have a purpose’ - A book written by Bruce Pandolfini, which looks at Strategies from Chess for Business and Life. One of the most common mistakes in Chess is to place a move from a narrow point of view. It’s daunting to look from a wider perspective as there are so many changing elements to monitor. But your next move needs to contribute to your overall strategy.

In a time, where strategy in business is needed most, perhaps we all need to look at the wider perspective in order to protect our King! Here are some key tactics we can all use to guide us to victory.

  1. Beyond what you can calculate, you must rely on strategy to guide you in finding the best plans and moves in your current position.
  2. Evaluate your position, see it from both sides of the playing table.
  3. Your players are powerful, use them to the best of their abilities.
  4. Your first moves are the most important.
  5. How you want to end can change your position into a winning one!

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