The new way of working looks very different, with businesses learning to adapt and think creatively about how to overcome varied challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has caused.

For many, home is the new office!

And needing to send a contract from home adds new obstacles such as no printer, time lags and safety issues with sending post during the pandemic.

This all comes at a time where the need to process contracts and release finance needs to be completed quickly and efficiently.




Flexibility when you most need it

For GRENKE customers and resellers, there’s a simple solution for a safer way to do business…eSignature.

With eSignature you can sign documents directly on the screen and send them back digitally in no time at all – securely and legally authenticated. For efficient transactions to keep ahead of the game.


Sign contracts from the safety of your home, no matter the time.

With no printing or scanning needed, it’s secure, fast and PAPERLESS.

Even better, it’s available in our asset financing and invoice financing products. Supporting businesses to release finance and retain cash flow when they need it most.