What is the reseller toolbox?

At GRENKE we are invested in your success, so that is why we have a central space to share documentation to help you to hammer in those sales.


What can I find in the reseller toolbox?

As well as an introduction to becoming a partner with GRENKE, there is also;

  1. Legal information
  2. Marketing assets
  3. How to guides


Tell me more about the marketing tools…

The marketing tools are at your disposal to promote your products and share the benefits of leasing with your customers and prospects. There is a wealth of valuable information, from logos to retail cards, and customisable branded material.

Addressing any questions, our how-to-guides take you through the process of working with GRENKE. What the perfect invoice looks like, contract completion and our eSignature for a more secure and digital way of working.

Our guides also include information around our GO Partner portal, a system where you can generate offers to customers, through to the contract stage in a user friendly way.

See what other equipment is in the toolbox here.