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When it comes to cash flow, no industry sees the balance sheet fluctuate like the recruitment industry. Weekly personnel payments, or extended waits on recruitment fees? Invoice finance with GRENKE will secure up to 90% of an invoice within 24hrs. Offering financial stability, peace of mind and freedom to secure more recruitment opportunities. 

GRENKE are expert in supporting the recruitment industry. Recruitment is a critical industry, ensuring the productivity and effectiveness of the UK workforce and therefore economy. We understand the financial strain agencies are placed under waiting for payments under the standard 28 days+ payment terms, whilst issuing weekly payments.

By providing essential cash flow, GRENKE ensures large and small agencies have the financial leeway to focus on their mission; placing the right people, quickly and effectively.

GRENKE have a varied product range to suit any recruitment business, at any stage of cash flow issues. Over the last decade, GRENKE has worked with clients across a range of recruitment sectors and have accumulated best practice, helping solve issues of delayed payment, account management and credit limit reductions.

Time is a limited resource. Receivables management can be all part of the service with our Factoring Classic product. Our professional, dedicated team ensure your debtors are offered the best in class customer service, whilst securing your invoices. Giving agencies their valuable time, dedicated to their businesses and customers. 

"Hiring the right people take time, the right questions and a healthy dose of curiosity."

// Richard Branson, Virgin Group Founder


GRENKE provide up to 90% for both temporary and permanent recruitment invoices. This sets us apart from other providers. We release more capital for recruiters to use when it is needed most, NOW. We will work closely with you to ensure we can put facilities in place to remove the need to chase payments as soon as possible, whilst providing instant finance to cover the day-to-day operational costs.
Fast, forward-thinking finance. We know cash flow is key, even pre-pandemic we went out of our way to provide efficient services to suit the fast industry of recruitment. We invest in customer relationships, with one-to-one Account Managers and innovative technology to track payments.

Money Matters

Time is ticking on a large invoice payment after recently securing a prominent placement within a major enterprise. With 30-day payment terms, will the payment arrive in time to secure operational costs for the month ahead? It's a waiting game, but it doesn't have to be with invoice finance solutions. 

Your Extended Workforce

No accounting resource in your business? When the responsibility of reminders, chasing and checking payments sits with a team member who should be focused on sales, opportunities could be lost. GRENKE could manage it all, ensuring every opportunity is won.

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There is no better compliment GRENKE can receive as a business, than receiving a referral to use our services. GRENKE are delighted to be selected by industry leaders from the British Institute of Recruiters to be a Gold Service Provider. Our role is to provide all members with the financial security and business success that their hard work deserves.

Crucial Support for Agencies

Azmat Mohammed, BIOR Founder and Director General says, “The British Institute of Recruiters' mission during this unprecedented, challenging time for our members is to remain the industry leader in providing information and services. We are working with all our service providers to ensure we can offer our members solutions to their immediate business issues."


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Do you have a very special request? Let’s talk about it. We don't hide behind email or in our offices. Let us arrange a time to work through your ideas together.

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