With the continued impact Covid is having upon our healthcare industry, it is not surprising the recruitment industry is also feeling the impact.  With the increased need to supply more professional healthcare workers, both temporarily and in permanent positions, not to mention new employment legislation following Brexit, there is increased pressure across Healthcare recruiters to keep up with demand. 

How 2021 may look

From 2016 to 2026, employment opportunities in the healthcare industry are expected to grow by 18%, according to data from the Bureau of Labour Statistics. According to Monster.com, nursing jobs alone set to increase, “with the number of nursing jobs expected to increase at rate of 12% (the national average for all occupations is only 5%), competition is likely to increase as well”.  This coupled with recent new changes in recruitment legislation following Brexit.

Whilst recruiters continue to meet the demand, the ever expanding gap between placement and payment could see recruiters hit cash flow issues. Whether temporary placement or permanent position, recruiters may take on costs that their capital may not be able to facilitate. With agencies already at lower cash reserves following a catastrophic 2020, could invoice finance help ensure they can continue to place keyworkers?

Constant cash flow to keep people moving

As a way to keep ahead of cash flow issues and extended payment terms, why not consider a cash flow solutions with specialist finance providers with experience on how to navigate such a financial fragile industry. 

GRENKE are Invoice Finance specialist for recruiters, so will be best placed to help. With invoice finance from GRENKE, you could keep the cash moving and bring placement and payment closer together. Whether working on short term or long term recruitment, choosing GRENKE could be the difference in ensuring your business continues support both our Healthcare Industry or any business that requires the best person for the job!

Our team are here to talk you through how invoice finance can help your business today – just an email away.